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The essentials you need to workout at home!

Straw hats

Who actually enjoys working out? No really, like who!? If you enjoy working out, please tell me when and how can I expect this love to flourish because I am struggling here. I know many people like the way they feel when they are working out and love how they feel after their workout and I do too, sometimes, but getting ready for that workout takes time for me.

I first have to get my mind ready for what's to come, then procrastinate when finding what to wear, mind you 95% of the time I work out at home, so I only look cute for the furniture. No shame, I have worked out in PJs. THEN by the time I am finally ready, I think of every possible reason as to why working out that day won't work out, no pun intended.

I do, however, as much as I dislike it, the results are what keep me going and if we are being honest, I do feel pretty awesome when I complete my workout. It's just getting me there that gets me all the time.

I don't know if I have already shared this on my blog, but I started a 30-day fitness challenge. For the past couple of months, I have put on a lot of weight back on and I needed something to help me kickstart my weight loss journey. It's like the never-ending story I swear. This challenge is kicking my butt. The first 2 days I was so incredibly sore, breathing even hurt. Every time this happens to me I feel like shit. It just a reminder of how out of shape I am and how much I have let myself go. I mean it's okay to be sore, but the soreness I am talking about is the, I can't sit on the toilet, or turn around to wipe sore. Sorry, TMI, but I am just being honest.

Since starting the challenge I have found a couple things that I NEED in order to 1. be successful and 2. to keep me motivated. For that reason, I have decided to share some of my favorite at-home gym/workout essentials that if you struggle like I do, this will hopefully help. I totally feel like such a profesh whenever I look at my workout stash!


+ Colorful Weights: These weights make me happy! The color of them is everything. It's very important if you are going to be working out at home to have some weights. I even take my own 3lbs weights to the gym sometimes. Think of everyone who touches the weight at the gym. The thought is pretty disturbing. They are relatively inexpensive and will turn a simple workout, harder just by adding some weight to it.

+ Waist Trimmer: This made such a difference for me in my midsection. It is so satisfying to take it off and see the sweat drip. It's AMAZING! This will not only help you slim down your waist but also help with your shape and posture when doing certain exercises.

+ Resistance Bands: You NEED this! Especially if you love leg days and working on that booty, these bands will make a simple workout more challenging which means better results. I love this pack because it brings different levels of resistance. The pink color is also EVERYTHING. Makes my workouts feel like fun rather than torture, lol.

+ Water Jug: Okay, this is another thing you need to invest in. I love the big water jugs because you don't constantly need to fill it up. I usually drink a whole liter during my workouts. Water breaks = free time.

+ Pre-Workout: Please research before buying and consuming. I am only sharing what I like and what works for ME. I love celsius drinks because they are natural and they give me a ton of energy without feeling jittery. I do, however, ONLY have this when I work out in the mornings. If I drink this past 2pm, it will keep me up. Please keep that in mind.

+ Workout Sneakers: Even if you are going to working out at home, you need a reliable shoe that's going to support you. I have been obsessed with these from Nike. However, I am always looking for a good pair of sneakers so if you have any in mind, please share :)

+ Protein Shake: I love THIS protein shake because it's super Natural. I usually drink a shake after my workouts to help repair and replenish the muscles.

+ Teami: I drink this before my workouts on the days that I don't want to drink my celsius. It gives me a little energy boost and it helps with my bloating. I also do the DETOX every 2 nights and I LOVE IT. If you use my code Nelly15, you get 15% off your order! They are also having a sale that if you spend 100 or more you get 50% off. Use code nelly50 for that one :)

+ Cute clothes: Now this is what really gets me going. If I look good, I feel good! Lately, I only have been buying workout clothes. My favorite stores are Gymshark, Fabletics, Marshalls, and TjMax.


For the most part, I always workout at home. The only reason I go to the gym is for cardio. For my, at-home workouts I use the Sweat App and the workout I like is BBG. For my fitness challenge this month I am working out with @thebootypro_. I love his workouts and his results and the best part is that everything is at home-based so you can be anywhere in the world. I definitely recommend it.

I think this covers it all. If you have any questions or want to further discuss, definitely let me know.


the gram.

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